Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I've been looking for pictures of the new crop of "ladies" on this cycle of ANTM. And I've been coming up empty-handed. Cest la vive! I do, however, have a few tid bits to share!

Guest judges include: Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, and Cheryl Tiegs. Guest judges are one thing, but I'm wondering just what's going to happen to the vacant seat on the Judges Panel? After Tyra dismissed Paulina (on P's birthday - way to go TyTy!), there's been no word on a suitable replacement. This kind of makes me take the producer's statement that they "thought 4 judges was too many" and they "wanted to pare things down a little."

The International Destination is always a big part of every cycle. So far, I'm a little disappointed. Usually I will check into to see what's the "official" word, but they didn't have anything. So then I just started surfing the internets. Turns out the girls showed up in Maui. Huh, Maui. Beautiful place, no doubt, but "international"? FUCK. Is Tyra going to try to tie Barak Obama into this somehow?

But Hawaii could just be a lay-over for the girls.

That's it for now, unfortunately!


Well, it's been about a month now since I last posted. And usually I hate to stay away, but I needed the time to not think too much. That sounds like a pretty irresponsible thing to say, but it's true for me - right now at least. Things are a little better.
I signed up for, and earlier this month; I've found a lot of really good, solid sounding stuff but haven't heard back from anyone. Then, Boyfriend's cousin's friend announced that she would be going to school in San Francisco. That means a job opening at the coffee shop she works for will come up. She's all about talking me up and getting me in there, which I am so grateful for.
Sure, it's not terribly glamorous but I don't give a shit. It is a job and not a job that requires me to feel bad about myself. I would still have time to write with Big Blue and work with The Chef part-time. This is a good opportunity for me. I am happy about this.

Just to throw a bunch of stuff together:
I did lose 5lbs. a few weeks ago and then managed to gain a bunch of it back. So I've gone crazy trying to figure out what the fuck I am going to do with myself.
I've still been cooking and baking, so I will have more recipes for you soon.
Movie Watch is a new thing that I'm thinking of doing. Some of it will be reviews, other bits will just be Oscar predictions.
ANTM (as mentioned) will return in September and I will be covering it, even though every year/cycle it makes my soul die a little more.

I think, on the whole, things are getting better. And I am looking forward to a new beginning.
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