Friday, January 30, 2009



This is what ANTM needs. She's absolutely in the running for High Bitch. AND I think she might win.

20 years old and from New Jersey is a good formula for drama. Top that off w/ and occupation called "Loss Prevention Representative" and I think we are in luck. If the job is what I think it is, then she worked in the banking industry and bossed people around all day. SWEET.

She's not that bad to look at either but I think her inexperience will leave her grasping at any chance to get ahead.



Mom hair. Mom clothes. Mom necklace. Mom pose. Mom smile.

I wouldn't be surprised if she came w/ a mini-van. And to think that she is another 18 year old "student"?!? But she's from Arizona, so I suppose she would be bland.

My only hope is that she goes bat-shit crazy upon entering the house.


So, is it Sandra or Saaaaandra? I think it's going to be Saaaaandra on account that she's from Maryland.

The jury is still out on this chick. On the one hand she's rather lovely but on the other, she IS a tad plain. You know? I do love the hand-in-the-pocket-L.L. Bean-modeling though. I like that a sister will rock a little yachting.

But she still confuses me. At 18 (and a student) I think she's got the willful ignorance of youth to run for High Bitch. But there is a distinct aura of cool about her that throws me off guard.

I'm liking her.


There are a couple of ladies ("ladies") representing southern California this time around - I like it!

Nijah comes from the planned community of Rancho Cucamounga, which has the color palate of beige and salmon. I'm just hoping that she will bring some flavor.

Not sure yet if the name is "ethnic" or just lame. The probability of her running for High Bitch gives me hope that it's just lame.

And since she's 18 and an "aspiring model" only makes it more likely.

Still, she's not my favorite sister. I think we can do better.


Could she care less about being here?

I suppose I could cut her a little slack since she is from Palos Verdes, California - the most boring place on earth. But I'd rather not.

Actually, I hate every thing about her. The name is so Mall. The shirt is so Mall. And it looks like she's wearing white jeans. WHITE JEANS.

Ugh! Yeah, 19 and a "student." Whatever.


Jesus! Who are these assholes in Texas that are naming their babies all retarded. London? Does she know where London is?

But this little thing may prove somewhat interesting. Notice the leopard-print cuff? And the shiny leather pants? That's right: we have a Crazy Bitch! I doubt she will be as mentally deficient/insane as either Jael or Jade were but I suspect there will be some nudity and a lot of cussing.

Factor in that she's and 18 year old "student" and you have a good chance for drama.


Oh lord...if Fo is the dumbest name ever, then Kortnie is the dumbest spelling ever.
And she's from Texas. And she's 24. And she's a "Non-Profit Organizer."
All that means is she will be so full of herself and have such an inflated ego. There won't be a minute that goes by w/out her referring to her "charity" work or that she's "older but wiser" than the other girls.

Looks like we have another in the running for High Bitch this Cycle!

This is going to be awesome.


Kind of a Michelle Rodrigez vibe, huh? But not the lezzie, drinky, punchy kind. More the bad-ass Latina from around the way sort. That's good.

What else is good? She's 18 and from Florida. There are more episodes of COPS filmed in Florida than anywhere else in the world. And being so young she's got a lot to prove - even though she's hardly lived long enough to have any experiences to help her build any sort of depth.

And what does she do? Yep, you guessed it! "Student!" I wonder what she studies in Florida?


At first I thought: "annoying Emo-Rocker chick." But then I got a good look at her and where she's from (Virginia) and it occurred to me that she's genuinely sensitive. Which means she will be crying. A LOT.

Also, notice the wedding band? At 19 she's pretty young to be married but I bet you $5 that her husband is in Iraq and she is doing this for her family and she misses her baby (child or husband, whatever) and this is all she's ever wanted in life.

Of course, she's an idiot. Anyone who lists their occupation as "aspiring model" WHILE ON A MODELING COMPETITION is fucking stupid.

So far she's my favorite.


That's the dumbest name ever.
And she's from New Mexico - I wonder if she voted for Mc Cain?

While not the youngest model (19), she does seem to be in the running for High Bitch of the Cycle.

Listing her occupation as "student" gives me hope that we will have another YaYa on our hands. I want her to call all the other girls "ghetto" w/in the first 5 minutes of the opening credits.


Sweet! We have a lesbian this Cycle!
An old one too. Celia is 25 and comes from Kentucky, which is pretty awesome.
She kind of makes me think of Charleze Therone in "Monster" but w/ make-up and conditioner.

Her occupation? "Designer Fashion Sales." WTF is that? Does she work for Nordstrom's?
Well, maybe she will actually know something about the industry she will be whoring herself out to.


forgot her photo!


She looks kind of like Stacy Anne, huh? But the fro is pretty bitchen'.
Aminat is from New Jersey and is 21 - she's legal, whoo!

She lists her occupation as "student." That's really my favorite thing in the world. What is she studying?

But honestly, she looks a bit bland so far - not very "around the way."


This little sock-puppet is 18 and hails from New Orleans, Louisiana.
I like that the producers decided to bring on another (hopefully) Katrina victem to drum up some sort of plot line. They started that a few Cycles ago but then kicked the poor girl off (she sucked).

I like that Allison lists her occupation as "artist." I wonder what media she uses? Water colors?

ANTM bitches!

It's that time of year again! America's Next Top Model is probably my favorite reality show EVER and I have my good friend Dynasty Blackburn to thank for that. And I'm really happy to be sharing it w/ you all this Cycle!
Unfortunately, I am completely retarded when it comes to posting images and stuff. I just figured out how to put pictures up but I haven't managed to get the right format. I'm not sure if it just the way blogger is set up or what. Oh well!
So, I'm going to have to do a separate post for each new girl and her picture. Cest la vive!
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