Saturday, October 16, 2010


Last Week: There was the conveyor belt run way challenge that Kacey won and the fight between Kacey and Lexie, which even Tyra was bored of. Lexie went home ... yawn.

Coming home from panel, everyone is mad at Anne for continuing to do really well. Kayla reminds us that she used to be really poor, which is a nice change of pace from reminding us she's a lesbian. Chelsey is about do for a mental breakdown, no? I mean, we haven't heard much from her.

The girls are split into groups for a Cover Girl challenge. Team 1: Anne, Kendal, Jane; Team 2: Kacey, Esther, Kayla (Kacey tells us that she hates being in a group and she prefers to "ride solo", probably because everyone hates her); Team 3: Liz, Chris and Chelsey (Chelsey is a bit of a micro manager).
So everyone is at Walmart the next day at the ass crack of dawn. Nigel explains to them what they will be doing for the challenge - the girls have to talk to "customers" about some new crap Cover Girl is selling. They get to buy some other crap at Walmart if they win.
Team 1 goes first and seem to do OK. Jane is a little stiff and I have trouble understanding Kendal and, of course, Anne is just super fucking creepy. Team 2 is up next! They all stand like they are giving a book report. Kacey is kinda pagenty but Kayla is adorable. Team 3? They stand too but are totally freaking awkward. Chris bowls over everyone and really comes across as a car sales man.
Some fashion journalist was there taking notes and judging them. But the crowd the girls spoke to are also judges and Nigel reveals their opinions! Wheeeeee (me rubbing my hands together)! Anne was basically "not present", Kayla does well because a gay guy in the group liked how she referred to herself as sporty - he has a sporty sister! Mmhmm... Kacey got a solid review. Chris was over powering and talked over everyone. Chelsey got sympathy points because Chris kept running over her. And that's it? Dang man, I wanted to hear more shit talking.
Awww ... Anne gets the lowest score but I guess I saw that coming since she's been doing so well, they need to cut her down a peg. The winning team is #2, with Kacey in the top. Her reaction to wining is much more subdued this time - thank god.

Everyone is bussed to Rodeo Drive and they are greeted by Mr. J. They will be working with a stylist on a photo shoot. More male models! They are just trying to make Kacey cheat, right? Anyway.
Chris gets to be with a male model all by herself (you just know Kacey hated that).
Liz and Kendal are paired together, with a male model.
Kayla and Esther are together, with a male model.
Jane and Kacey together, with male model.
Chelsey and Anne together, with male model - Chelsey is not pleased.
The whole thing was madness - they shot on Rodeo Drive and there are tourists and fucking Tyra showed up. Just way too much was going on.

Panel Time!
Kendal and Liz look fantastic but Kendal is clearly more relaxed. Her single-walking shot was great. Liz's was awful. Seriously, it sucks balls.
Esther and Kayla have an odd photo. The body language is awkward and Kayla bitches out because her shoes are too small. Esther has a good solo photo but Kayla's is awkward.
Jane and Kacey is also odd. Jane looks fantastic but Kacey looks like a bitch. Jane's solo looks fantastic but Kacey us turned away from the camera because she's a moron.
Anne and Chelsey look good, kinda like "glamazons"! Tyra is flabbergasted over how Anne is a freak but her photos are awesome. The solo is great because she's in action and looks fierce. Chelsey's is cute, just not high fashion.
Chris' turn and it's adorable. But it's more Teen Vogue than Italian Vogue. Her solo is cute, too.

I'm going to call that Chelsey might make it all the way to the final two. She's looking better every day but she's still too invested in the competition.
Anyway, called first? Anne! Again! Runner up is Jane. Good for her! Then Kendal, Esther, Chris, Chelsey, Liz.

Thunderdome Battle!
Kayla vs. Kacey! Both are beautiful but Kacey is dull and totally disconnected. Kayla just complained too much. So she gets to stay, because she's a lesbian. Bye Kacey!

Next Week: The girls dress each other for the Grammy's and then embody fashion designers for the photo shoot. But what about the drama?!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


More liveblogging. Sorta. I got a little behind this week, so just bear with me. 

Last Week: Reminder that Kacey is not well liked in the house, Matthew Ralston's weird-ass photo shoot and ... a dig at Rhianna? Seriously, what did that mean? "And like another Rhianna, our Rhianna proved to be one-note." HUH?

Anne is getting hated on because she keeps getting called first. But so is Kacey and she tries to ... do something about that ... by calling everyone's attention and running her mouth. Greatest moment of my life? When Chris (you can't see her, but it's her) boos her and yells: "Get off the stage, bitch!" Though, I have to admit, Kacey's plan (write down a question and I'll answer it) isn't too shabby.
In other news, Liz is still super fucking annoying.
Haha, yeah, it sounds like Jane said her dad is a "lawn doctor" (she means lung doctor, and really, is that a thing?), just like Rich over at fourfour said. Lulz. I like Jane enough, she's quiet, takes decent photos and doesn't make my eyes hurt when I look at her. But I knew very little of her before this episode. Turns out, she comes from a well-to-do family and Liz decides to get passive-aggressive about it. Barf.

Lexie reminds us that she is "really strange." Which means she's actually just really annoying.

At the 2nd Street tunnel in Downtown LA the girls are introduced to their next runway challenge by Ms. J. I have no fucking idea what's going on with her eyebrows. There are male models again and Kacey brings up how difficult it is for her to not flirt with that same model as last time. What an asshole. I always managed to not flirt with cute guys when I had a boyfriend. Jesus.
Oh yeah, the runway is actually a conveyor belt. LOL
OK, OK. Fine. The male models are cute...

The challenge is a total disaster, of course. Liz is such a complete fucking spaz! Jane's knees are incredibly red. Oh Kendal ... Lexie seems to be the only one who can handle the runway with out looking like a total nut. Kacey wins the challenge and screams like a mother fucker.

ALT shows up with a model that I have heard of but am not familiar with. She makes them a fruit smoothie because they all eat a bunch of shit - especially Anne. EW. Lexie leaves bobbi pins on the kitchen counter. And Kacey has old ass food on the counter. EW! They argue and scream and it's annoying and Liz agrees so she yells in Kacey's face. Anyone else get the feeling that Kacey is going to get called first this episode?

The girls show up at a Lucha Libre ... thing. Plus, a father-son photography team is going to shoot the girls. They look a lot alike and it's freaking me out. They are also annoying - constantly yelling and making monkey noises.
Liz has some trouble with taking direction and listening to Mr. Jay. Jane looks great but basically can't commit to a pose. Esther went a little nuts - and I like it. Chelsey reminds me of Blonde Ambition-ers Madonna. Kayla talks about being a lesbian - again; I love it too, but let's not make a "thing" out of it. Chris gets physical! Anne isn't doing too well and it freaks her out - this makes me sad. Lexie looks so god damned trashy.

Back at the house the girls enjoy some food and I notice that there is a shelf almost totally filled with Pepridge Farm cookies. Didn't they just have a conversation about this?

Lots of fake laughter in the backstage, pre-panel camera-thingy.

Kendal looks great in person. Her photo is only OK because her face looks good but her body is "meh."
Lexie has a terrible photo. Just ... terrible.
Esther has some fun body language but a bland face.
Chelsey looks like Marilyn Manson in her photo.
Anne admits that she didn't do well but it turns out that she did a great job. And it's true!
Jane has a cute looking picture but it's very unimaginative and a little porn-y.
Chris is FIERCE! Except in the face.
Kayla's outfit is crazy. Her photo is dynamic though.
Liz is also dressed to unimpress. Her photo is nuts.
Kacey looks a little messy. But she's kinda vacant and "safe."

Called first? Anne. Again. She's going to be murdered in her sleep. Tyra goads Chris into getting pissy at Anne, but for the moment she's too excited about being called second.

Thunderdome Battle!
It's Lexie vs. Jane! Both a beautiful (maybe) but Lexie can't take a picture to save her life. Jane is a little lacking in the personality department but it's cool because she's staying. Bye Lexie! Thanks for the good times, you were just a little too boring.

Next Week: Anne doesn't do well at a Cover Girl shoot and the girls have a photo shoot on Rodeo Drive. Then my DVR cuts off the episode.
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