Monday, February 28, 2011

Early Spring Cleaning

Since I'm re-branding this blog, it seemed logical to do some cleaning. There was a lot of personal stuff on here, including recipes and all that. It just didn't fit anymore - and a lot of the stuff had to do with a previous relationship, which I am over and don't want reminders of. When I finally get interested in cooking and baking again I'll start posting recipes; in the meantime, it's mostly going to be pop culture-focused. Sorry if I actually had a post that you enjoyed but just now deleted - hopefully you'll find a new favorite.

Hopefully I'll have an Oscar recap for you tonight and the premiers of Ghosthunters and ANTM this week. There's no way recaps will happen for the week the episode airs - too much work.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Quick One ...

Today is the Oscars. And I will be going to a house warming/Oscar party in a few hours. I'm undecided if I should do a recap. I missed almost all the other awards shows (except the Grammys, which was, at most, Twitter-worthy), so it's not like I've been building up to it. But I'm going to record it - and all the dumb as stuff before and after - so maybe I will give it a go.

Ghosthunters started it's new season this week. I actually don't remember much of the episode since I was practically blinded by all the fancy new graphics and opening credits. I still love Grant and Jason, so it feels like going home.

ANTM also started up this week. I'm a little on the fence about this show now; on the one hand, it's just the best/worst thing ever until the end of time - on the other hand, it's just not like it used to be. Tyra is doing her best to shake things up a bit, and I appreciate the effort. But it's going to come down to how well the girls deliver. I will continue to cover the show until I can't stand it anymore - or I no longer have the time. The recaps will be pretty text heavy from now on because it takes a lot of time to search through photos and screen caps. If I even tried to so that, it would just be a mess.

Next week I'll have the Ghosthunters and ANTM premiere recaps! Promise!

Ghost Hunters International - Season 2, Episode 26

Soldiers of Misfortune
(Puerto Rico)

Another on the fly recap!

Case #1 "Old San Juan Fortress" aka El Morro - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Everyone (particularly Barry) is excited about being in a warm climate for once.
Susan explains that there are actually two fortresses connected by a mile-long corridor. It's one of the oldest active fortresses and has a lot of creepy activity. It's freaking out the tourists, which means no money, so they bring in GHI. When the team rolls up, it's pretty freaking impressive.

First they are brought to a dungeon and told that a Chinese ghost hangs out around here. Yeay!!! Joe gets a storyline! In the light house a woman sees a ghost-guy in some period clothes. The guy walks right through the wall! In the second fortress they go to the soldier's barracks. A young woman reports that she felt very creepy in the room; she snapped a photo and points out orbs. Whatever. Another woman claims to have seen a shadow-person in the shape of a soldier.
After the tour, Barry is a little worried about getting both fortresses covered in one night. But he's confidant that they will get the job done. Paul suggests splitting the teams up.

Kris and Barry hit the light house first. Kris busts out some rudimentary Spanish. Barry keeps speaking English and sees a shadow through the corner of his eye. Kris kinda seems skeptical - maybe she's just jealous that her crappy Spanish didn't do it for anyone. They look for other explanations for the shadow but can't find anything. Barry does offer that it could be a trick of the light even though they can't seem to replicate it.

Paul and Susan are in the second fortress checking out the tunnels, which are wicked creepy looking. They are in the same area where the shadowy soldier was walking around. Paul also gives a go at Spanish and is even worse than Kris. Susan fares a little better, though. Paul (excuse me, Pablo) asks that whoever is with them make a noise "right here, right now." There's a crash and COMMERCIALS!
Both of them are pretty freaked out by the noise. Susan does not like it in the tunnel. Paul goes after the noise, trekking down the tunnel by himself (with a cameraman) and finds that there is no one else in there, but it sounds like someone is walking in there. Susan comes after him and complains about dizziness and being weak in the knees - almost as if she were going to faint or fall into a trance.
They continue to hear sounds behind them. Paul even thinks he sees a shadow peek out from a corner and then dart back. Susan didn't see it, so they don't really pursue it. Susan still feels pretty crappy and Paul suggests they go up to the rooftop so she can get some air. When they are outside, Susan confirms that she feels much better. Creepy! Susan had something like this happen to her before. I forget where they were - maybe Germany - and she was getting creeped on by some kind of entity. Barry got pretty pissed off about it and tore into the spook.

Joe and Scott are in the dungeons AND OHMYGODMYCAKEISDONE! Sorry, I'm going to a house warming/Oscar party later and I promised I'd bring something. Also: my blood sugar is low. Back to business! I guess the dungeons are also a theater?! That's kinda cool. Anyway, Joe admits that he can only speak a little Chinese. He busts out some good stuff, even asking if the ghost was killed here. I think he's speaking Mandarin but his accent is kinda crappy. Either way, it seems to work: Scott swears he sees something coming to them and then COMMERCIALS!
The boys ask if the ghost wants to hang out with them - Joe translating most of the conversation. I LOVE JOE CHIN!

Back to Barry and Kris - now in the tunnels. Kris hears something behind her and Barry confirms. It's a female voice whispering from a cell. Barry asks that the ghost do something to let them know it's there or else they have to leave. Nothing happens. Cue "sad trombone."

Back to Joe and Scott! They are in the soldier's barracks. They try taking pictures to get the same orbs the young woman claimed to have captured. Joe points out that the room is very dusty and could easily look like orbs. Scott snaps some photos and, sure enough: orbs ("orbs").

Barry has everyone wrap it up. Back at the hotel the team sifts through the footage. Susan explains that there were three different light houses where the current one exists. What's even more interesting is that one of them had a door exactly where the woman claimed to see a man walk through the door! Pretty good! Scott catches some wicked creepy sounding EVPs.

Time to reveal the evidence. Debbie, the historian that gave the team the tour, is just the most joyful person ever. Barry mentions that all of the team members had their own experiences. He then goes on to explain why the orb photo is bunk - Debbie is OK with that. Kris plays the recording and it sounds like "Damn." Another recording sounds like a female voice laughing. Barry shows Debbie the information about the old light house and Debbie is stoked about that. Barry explains that even though there is paranormal activity, the place is perfectly safe for tourists!
Debbie is very happy about all this and has nothing but kind things to say about GHI. Success!

Case #2 Tapia Theater - San Juan, Puerto Rico

They are now in old San Juan. Barry and Kris meet with Bruce, a local investigator, about a case. He speaks of a theater that used to be a gallows! They meet with Lunna, the director of the theater and she gives them the tour. In the Mezzanine, Lunna tells of a man that appears. A young woman, an usher, also mentions hearing voices. In the workshop under the theater, there are voices and the doors move on their own. On the stage, we hear about a woman that was performing on the stage and fell down and died. After that, people claim to hear singing! Spooky!

We being with Joe and Scott (FOR ONCE) and they start on the Mezzanine, looking for the man. They start to hear footsteps behind them. They don't see anything but their meter is going off the hook! The EMF readings are high, just as a base reading. Joe claims that if the ghost wants to scare them, he (Joe) might pee himself a little. Something happens and it spooks Scott, making him push Joe out of the area they are in and COMMERCIALS!
According to Scott, something pushed his arm forward. It spooked him pretty bad, even giving him wicked goosebumps. They continue to hear footsteps, now above them, even some dragging noises.

Barry and Kris hit the basement. This is where the door opens and closes on it's own. They mess around with the doors trying to figure out what's going on. The doors open inward but they want to see if maybe a gust of wind could move them; Barry goes outside and it immediately locked out. So: that's not it!
Next they find some wicked creepy tunnels that they have to get on hands and knees to scope out. Kris complains that she should have worn sneakers and Barry asks what she just said. Kris repeats herself but Barry insists that wasn't it. It must have been a ghost. They continue to hear creepy noises and voices and agree that it's kinda angry sounding. Kris points out that people probably don't come down here very often, so it could be pissing off whatever they are hearing. They decide to leave.

On to Paul and Susan. They are in the backstage area. Susan feels that the room is kind of "off." She wants to do an EMF sweep - there are some spikes. Paul asks some questions and the spikes continue. Not much else happens though.

Back to Barry and Kris - now on stage. Kris recounts the story of the woman that dies there. As Barry takes full-spectrum photos, Kris claims to hear noises and Barry swears he sees some shadows and movement on the second balcony. They aren't seeing anything on the camera. They go up to the second level and right away start hearing things. AND seeing things. It's getting weird. What's really disappointing is that they can't seem to get it on the camera. Time to break it down and call it a night.

Paul is confident that they will catch something. Susan has everyone listen to a recording - it sounds like a breathy voice that may say "let me go." Paul has some full-spectrum footage for them to look at and there is some weirdness on it! COMMERCIALS! They pimp the new season of Ghosthunters and I am excited.
Barry and Kris sit with Lunna. They talk to her about the tunnel and play a recording that sounds like "help." Then they play the "let me go" recording. Kris points out that the "help" came just seconds before the "let me go" - spooky!! Then they play the recording from Joe and Scott hearing the footsteps - it's kinda freaky. It's confirmed that there was no one on the roof, no one could get up there and that there's nothing up there to drag, either way. Finally, Barry busts out the full-spectrum and explains that the image is hard to see because whatever is moving is moving very fast. They also caught it on the heat image camera - it's a weird shape, nothing that I could distinguish.
Lunna is very happy with the evidence and is also happy that Barry doesn't think there's anything harmful here, so everyone should be OK. I beg to differ - especially with all the pissed off sounding voices in the tunnel and the ghost grabbing Scott. But whatever, I'm sure Barry felt he had to say that.
Back in the car Kris and Barry talk about where they should go next and my DVR cuts off. I bet Kris suggests more warm weather places!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ghost Hunters International - Season 2, Episode 25


Shadows in the Dark
(Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall/Inverarary, Scotland - Inverarary Jail)

*I'm going to be winging it on this one. Ghosthunters starts up again tomorrow and episode 24 of GHI won't be up for awhile and it's almost 10:30pm and I have to work tomorrow and ... well, you get it.

Case #1 Usher Hall - Edinburgh, Scotland

It's snowing in Scotland! Good god, I wish I was there. Isn't Hogwarts around there?
Anyway, Susan gives us the scoop on Usher Hall - the first case for tonight. Before Usher Hall was established, it was a boarding school ... I mean, you already know where this is going, right? Fucking creepy as shit dead-ghost-kids-fuckinghell. The General Manager of Usher Hall (which is a concert hall, btw) called GHI in because EVERYONE was complaining about the ghosts. Including a world-renowned opera singer Dame Somethingorothershelooksveryposh. She even claims that she felt a presence while she was performing on stage. Creepy!!
Karl Chapman is the General Manager and he's a very clean looking man. The poor man - he's got staff that refuses to come in and work on account of the haunting. You know how to fix that? FIRE THEM AND HIRE OTHER PEOPLE. He's talking about cleaning crews and security - most of these people come in at night. You know how the economy is shitty and everyone is looking for work now? Guess what: someone will take that job. And if they get spooked (haha!) they can leave too because there will be someone else to fill their place. Hell, I'LL come work there.
So, the paranormal activity! In the Lobby one of the waitresses thought she saw a man through some glass double doors but he disappeared before she could talk to him. The Backstage Corridor scarred the shit out of someones dog, which is pretty good. Animals are supposed to be very keen on this kind of garbage, so I'll believe a dog. Barry wonders who has access to the backstage area - Karl says that "artists and technical crew" are the people that use it. A cleaning lady pops on and tells of a small ghost girl that she and four other cleaning ladies saw. Our first ghost child! Also: the cleaning lady's Scottish accent was so god damned thick they had to bust out the subtitles.
The Auditorium is the actual place where people perform. Karl retells the tale of the famous opera singer and how she felt a presence on stage with her. Apparently it was so wicked freaky that she actually told the audience she was performing for about it. Dang! Another little dead ghost girl siting happened in the Auditorium's balcony - this time by a crew member.

The team sets up. It's lights out and onto the investigation!

Barry and Kris start out in the Auditorium. Kris asks what music the opera singer had with her the night of her encounter. Barry answers: a grand piano. Then Kris asks if Barry is "hearing that?" Neither can place where this sound is coming from, so Barry starts to figure out where he wants to put his equipment when A LOUD BANG HAPPENS! I absolutely looooove Kris' reaction: "OK"
And then commercial!
Barry wonders what the hell that was! Kris is surprisingly calm considering that noise repeats itself. Turns out that it was a speaker malfunctioning. OK, that's fine. But why is a speaker making a banging noise? It sort of sounds like a gun shot. Whatever, I guess! They move on and try out the "Singapore Theory." What? OK, so it's the same shit they did back in Amsterdam or wherever that fucked up house was. This time they just play a recording of music.
Barry thinks he hears footsteps. So does Kris! But where is it coming from? Barry thinks it's on stage, Kris thinks it's in the audience. They can't place it but are confident because they have a bunch of equipment running, so something will catch it.

Scott and Joe check out the Backstage Corridor. Scott notices that there is an unshielded utility box and it's giving off some wicked crazy EMF fields. So the dog could have been jacked on that - though Joe reminds us that it still could be paranormal. Scott starts doing some EVP work, asking if the little girl people have seen is around. Does she like animals? Dogs, more specifically. Then they leave out the worst looking yarn doll I have ever seen in my entire life.
Scott suggests they play Hide and Seek or Ring Around the Rosey. Is there a way you could be any creepier, dude? Like, seriously, don't ask a kid (no matter how dead they may be) if they want to play those games with you. Joe totally sees a shadow fucking around at the end of the corridor but they don't see anything when they go investigate. No doy. But the EMF starts to spike when they move around - as if something coming up to them and running away. FUCK GHOST KIDS.
They get chills and shit but decide to leave.

Back in the Auditorium Paul and Susan set up some equipment. Susan hikes up to the balcony, where the little girl has been seen. Paul fiddles with more equipment on stage. Almost immediately Susan sees shadows in her direct area. She radios Paul and freaks the fuck out.
COMMERCIALS! The first commercial is for the new season of Ghosthunters. It's a very slick looking commercial and I've seen it every where.

They are done with it and decide to head back to base.

Kris and Barry are wandering through corridors with the thermal and decide to do some EVP's. Kris gets comfortable and begins to use that baby voice I hate. Barry asks if they are speaking to the little girl and if she like theater. No dude, no kids like theater. Does she enjoy the huge crowds? What? Anyway, nothing happens and the cameras cut away before we get to see Barry grope Kris in night-vision. Barf.

Paul, Joe, Susan and Scott are stuck going through all the evidence. Joe catches a voice during one of Barry's EVP sessions. Susan finds a voice during one of her EVP sessions and it is just way too freaky sounding.
More commercials ....

Barry and Kris sit with Karl to deliver the evidence. Barry goes over the shadows and other activity in the balcony. Barry shows Karl a photograph of those double doors in the Lobby - it's got a reflection of Kris in it, which could explain why people think they see things. One EVP sounds like a sharp intake of breath. Another EVP has a very clear "yes" in response to investigators talking about people dying in the hall. CREEPY.

Karl is happy with the evidence, which is nice. He thinks that the ghosts are there to listen to music, which is so freaking adorable.

Case #2 Inverarary Jail - Inverarary, Scotland

Goody! Jails are always creepy.
Susan explains that the jail was in use from the 1820's - 1970's, which is crazy when you see the place. Turns out a lot of the inmates were tortured before being executed - even having their hands cut off. Joe thinks that pretty bad. Employees and visitors have heard whispers, felt a presence sitting next to them, seen shadow people, etc.
We meet Hannah. She's very posh. Paul is with Barry and Kris this time and he's wearing a kilt. Turns out Paul is Scottish! Kris has a tartan scarf on too. On a slightly darker note: there were children locked up in this place - ENOUGH WITH THE DEAD GHOST BABIES. Barry moves on from that.
In the Old Prison Cell 4 we find out that the guard Samantha ... oh my ... has had many experiences. In Cell 7,  Rob - the guide - heard his name called out by a female voice. In the New Prison 1st Floor we find out that children visiting on school trips will be found in some rooms talking to themselves - but they claim they are talking to "the funny man." NOPE. NO. NO. In the Courtroom there are voices and footsteps.

The team sets up and Paul discusses why he's so excited to be there. He loves that the building has never been changed, so it's like walking in history. Paul's kind of a nerd. Lights out!

In the Old Prison 1st Floor, Barry and Kris immediately hear some shuffling above them - but there's nothing there. EVP work! Kris wants to meet whatever dark shadow has been wandering around. Nothing. Barry calls out "Step forward and you will be freed!" Dude, can you back that up? He asks for a name and they both hear a voice. Ooooo!
Commercials ...
Kris swears it was a male voice and that it came from the end of the hall. Barry reminds the entity that if it tells them it's name, they will let the ghost go. Alrighty then!

Joe and Scott are also asking for names, this time in Cell 7. Joe starts provoking and demands that they come out or he's going to BURN THE PLACE DOWN! You go, Joe! It gets a reaction upstairs and they investigate. Joe gets touched!! And then so does Scott!!! They're kind of excited but they keep their cool. Joe starts kicking some stuff around but the activity is pretty much done.

Barry and Kris sneak away to the Courtroom for a romantic moment. Barry goes down to the room below and walks around - it actually sounds like he's walking in the room with her. Interesting!

Paul and Susan are in the New Prison to check out the room where the kids see the dead guy. EVP session begins! They ask the ghost to knock in answer to their questions - instead, Paul hears a female voice.
COMMERCIALS. I guess the next episode is going to be bananas.
So Paul has heard this female voice and asks her to speak again. The more he hears it, the more he thinks it's a little girl. OF COURSE. But he's wondering who the man that living kids sees is. There are some heavy knocks that I don't hear. Then they feel a cold spot that moves around the room. Investigating the cold spot they discover a tile in the floor that, when walked on, makes the heavy knocking noise. Which is pretty crazy. Susan is sure that whatever was making the cold spot made the tile move and was trying to guide her to the tile.

Time to go over the evidence. Paul finds that lighting from outside the building is making shadow play on the walls, which is a good bit of debunking. Joe finds a "get out" on some recording.

Barry and Kris sit with Hannah and, first, show her the tricky footsteps. She seems relieved to know this. Next they show her the debunked shadows and she's loving it. Now it's time for spooky shit. Well, she's not as delighted by this stuff. There's the "get out" and the part where Barry demands a name. That name turns out to be "Rodney." Not a very scary name ...
Anyway, Barry says that place isn't actually haunted but there is some activity there. Hannah is happy over-all, which is good.

Not a bad episode. A lot of fun stuff, some intense moments, etc. I could have used a little more Joe Chin but I understand that SyFy doesn't want to burn me out. I'm looking forward to the season finale since it's supposed to be crazy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Not sure why SyFy channel has to be horrible at everything, but apparently there will be no new episodes of GHI available online until March 17th. MARCH 17TH. So last week's episode will have to wait for a recap, like, for awhile. But I managed to do my "job" (that I'm not getting paid for) and set the DVR to record tonight's episode. As per my usual routine, I'll watch it once all the way through (while working out, so I actually do something productive) and then I'll watch it a second time while taking notes. There's a pretty good chance it will be up tonight since I have a busy day tomorrow and may not want to work on it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

ANTM bitches!

Since I totally forgot to tape Ghost Hunters International this week, the review is going to have to wait. But on the bright side, that means you'll be getting two episodes next week!! In the meantime, I've found some more info on the newest cycle on ANTM!
Apparently they're still trying for "high fashion" this cycle; guest judges include: fashion designer Lana Marks, model/stylist Erin Wasson, stylist Rachel Zoe (barf), model/actress Alek Wek, stylist/creative consultant Lori Goldstein, IMG Models executive Ivan Bart, Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, designer Daniella Issa Helayel, and costume designer/stylist Eric Daman.
A contract with IMG Models, a fashion spread in Vogue Italia (and an additional spread and cover of Beauty in Vogue), and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics are the prizes.
Now let's meet the girls!!!!!!!

Wow, she looks really bitty, huh? It's actually kind of freaking me out. The fuck do I know though, she's 5'10", but if course she is. Anyway, she's 21 which is awesome because that means she can drink! She from Newport Beach but lives in Huntington Beach, California so I'm hoping that means she a rich spoiled brat. Which could be true since she's unemployed.

Oof, I dunno guys ...
Also 5'10" but only 20, she's from Germany! But lives in Florida ... yuck. She goes to college and studies Marine Biology, so I hope she tries to be the smart one in the house. She is most confident about her "unique look." Nope.

First of all: fuck you with that name. Second of all: I'm not sure how I feel about her. She's not too terrible looking but she's pretty average. Though she kinda looks like a bitch, so that's good. Yeah, I think she's going to be a problem. She's 19 (and 5'10", which is normal) and a college student who likes to dance and express herself artistically. This is going to be great.

Sorry, I'm not feeling her. She kind of reminds me of Aminat and doesn't look like she's got much going on up there. In her brain.
She's from Texas but lives in California now, is 21 and has some pretty pedestrian hobbies: shopping, hanging with friends and reading. But she's always in model mode! Whatever the fuck that means. Her greatest concern is that the judges won't understand her. Unless she has some Dani-level accent problems, I think this means that she's going to be a whopping bitch.

She's older, too - 23. She's from Texas and, as an occupation: college graduate with a degree in Marketing. I mean, is that a job? I dunno. This girl bugs the shit out of me.

I'm so confused by this whole picture! The top looks like something a figure skater would wear and the look on her face is so nuts.
From Texas! Everyone is from Texas. And this chick sounds like a mess, too. She's majoring in "photo-communication" and is worried that she'll come off like a ditz. Plus, she's confidant that she will be able to make friends in the house. Oh, come on ...

Could people stop spelling their names all retarded and fucking stupid?
She's from TEXAS. She's also a waitress and a college student. And she's most afraid of having to do any modeling with a shark. What? Ugh. But she's got a great face - a little Rachel Bilson in there.

I almost don't even want to do this anymore...
What's going on here? I thought at first it was funny that everyone looked kinda shitty but now it's just sad. Plus, this girl thinks she's high fashion. Whatever ...

I mean, you see this too, yeah? Like ... what is this?
And she's from Florida, so I already hate her.

And she's worried about not getting along with everyone, which is just so dumb.

Sigh ...
One of her favorite hobbies is "bubble baths."

What's awesome is that she kind of has a Molly Sims thing going on but she still manages to fuck it up.
She's confident that she can handle criticism. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

OK, now she's much better!
She's actually tiny! 5'7"!

And I'm sure she's retarded because she's worried that she won't be able to articulate what she's thinking and she won't get any better throughout the competition. Ugh.

This is just too, too much. I'm amazed at how fucking awful everyone looks. This could go really well or really badly.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ANTM bitches!

Cycle 16 will premier February 23rd and I am shitting bricks. The girls look terrible this cycle.

OK, so the photo is a little fuzzy. Whatever. Trust me - these bitches are rough looking. has nothing up on the models but they are playing the current commercial spot. All I've found online is one screen cap of this poor idiot:

Don't know who she is or what the fuck is going on with her make up. But I love it. Her eyebrows are mesmerizing, no?

According to Wikipedia, the exotic location for this cycle is Morocco! Here's Mr. Jay queening it up in the desert:

Dude. Stop it.

Other than that, everything seems pretty routine: the girls are screaming and crying and hating on each other. There are stupid ass runway challenges (including one where the girls have to walk across water in what looks like a big hamster ball). And bees.

Last cycle was decent, even though Ann won and I wanted Kayla to win because she's a big 'ol lesbian (haven't you heard?!) but it's obvious that the show doesn't sparkle quite as much as it used to. Never thought I'd long for the halcyon days of Jade!
Whatever, I'll watch this show till the day I die - and drag you along with me!
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