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Ghost Hunters - Season 7 Episode 704

"French Quarter Phantoms" - New Orleans, LA
Old US Mint

Sorry for the lateness. This week was crazy but in a good way. I finally got a job to pay the bills. And then spent a whole bunch of time Spring Cleaning. It's not over yet, but I'm feeling good about it all. Anyway!

Welcome! Let's get to it ...

At TAPS head quarters, Amy tells the guys that the Old US Mint in New Orleans has called them in. In 1862, a man was killed on the front yard and they believe that his ghost is still haunting the place. There's all the usual shenanigans of things moving on their own and some shadows.
By the way, Amy's hair color is technicolor right now and I am so jealous.
A seriously freaky looking dude named Sam gives them a tour of the place and all the hot spots.
In the main lobby, the receptionist has seen an apparition. Security guard Jimmy Jackson has seen tons of stuff. He doesn't claim to be an expert but he knows he's seen a male entity several times. The ghost has been in the jail cells (there are jail cells in treasury mints?).
Some cracker confederate was hung on the front lawn and he might be haunting the place. Along with is mother, weeping over her son's death. What a mamma's boy.
Someone was crushed in a money press, which is just the worst.

Grant is excited to get in and investigate, pointing out that the place is pretty much sound-proof and the floors won't be making any noise, so this is an ideal place to investigate.
A guy named K.J. McCormick shows up to help them investigate. He's a friend and not just some wacky dude that sneaks in.

First in are Steve and Dave - what a nice change of pace. Steve suggests that they check out a balcony where the confederate dude was hung from. Wait. What? I thought it was on the lawn? Whatever. The guys and, like, everyone watching the show are totally speechless when a door behind them opens, we hear some craaaazy sound and then the door slams shut. What. The. Fuck.
We get a little replay of the door. I love that the camera guys runs up to it. Then Steve looks at the door and, hilariously, says "Now, what do we do about that?" Dave kinda laughs and then they work on figuring out how that happened. Doesn't seem to have been the wind ... especially since it was latched. But Steve continues to work through some ideas.

Jason and Grant venture forth and right away get some foot steps. They check out the area. I don't hear anything but the guys seem to - something like a conversation. Even the camera guy is looking around. Jason asks if the confederate ghost is with them and Grant notes that there are some high EMFs. When he asks if the guy's mom wants to talk about her idiot son, both guys think they see a shadow move. They get some knocks and a few more shadows. Jason's not sure what the heck is going on.

On to Amy and this K.J. guy investigate the jails. He's got an awesome New Orleans accent. His shirt is terrible, though. Amy asks if the ghost's name is "Mumford." I love that band! Anyway. They hear some movement above them and check it out. Nothing seems to replicate the sound. Amy calls Mr. Mumford with a pissy tone and gets a noise. Then, even better, she thinks she just saw a full on person behind the camera guy. Fuuuuuuu...
We're back! And I think the camera guy is a little pissed about all this. I don't blame him. Amy can get a little annoying. She continues to yammer on about thinking there was someone behind the camera dude before K. J. suggests they just go check it out. Duh, there's no one there. It was a ghost you nerds.
K.J. gets a wicked high EMF reading and swears he heard someone fussing around with their bags.

Steve and Dave are back! Now they are looking for a woman, which, I'm assuming is the mom-lady. As Steve decides where they should check out and he hears some weird noises. Dave hears it too. They think it's from above them and figure it's in the vents - woopsie! There are no vents! Next they check the elevators. Which almost tries to bite Steve's arm off. What a dick! He still gets in and rides it a few times but, nada. He didn't even find the devil or M. Night's latest turd. Dave suggests they chalk it up to something mechanical. Oh, fine.

Jason and Grant are in the jails and start asking if someone is with them. Hilariously, Jason asks if they are there because of prohibition because "those laws don't exist any more." Damn straight they don't. Then more weird shit starts happening above them, just like with Amy and K.J. On the second floor of the jails, the guys hear some chatting that Jason is pretty sure is coming from in between them. Say, what?!
Grant thinks it's from above him but Jason is pretty adamant. He doesn't push it and even check the floor above to verify Grant's claim. I finally hear the voices when the guys are back together on the second floor. It's muffled but it's there. Jason puts on his best sexy voice and says he has a feeling "you're here with me" to the ghost. The ghost makes some noise that Jason hears. Sounded like footsteps, I guess. He asks if it was Grant. "No, I'm standing still." I LOVE GRANT. LOLZ.

Hey! It's Adam! I was wondering where he went. They check out the reception area. On the thermal, Adam thinks he sees someone sitting in a chair but Amy confirms that it's just residual heat on the chair. Fine. Party pooper. Upstairs they hear something - "like chain metal?" Is that what Adam said? I hope so because it really doesn't make sense. They both hear a rustling sound. Adam busts a dick move and claims he has information about Mrs. Mumford's dumb ass kid that was hanged there. Amy, even more of a dick, says they want to re-try her son. You guys.

Back to Steve and Dave. This is a great episode because they keep going to these guys. They test out some gadget that measures vibrations, so if a ghost walks around, it will show on the thingy. They sit and call out to Mumford. Steve sees the thing that measures vibrations and then sees lights flashing above them. Steve calls out that they are coming up to them, slowly. I love Steve. And boy do they go slowly. Half way up Dave hears something and asks Steve if he heard it too. Yes, he did. Dave asks, "what did you hear?" And Steve says "to my left." Oh Steve. Is it coming right to them?!
They stand still and continue to listen but nothing happens. So they finally get to the third floor and discover that there are no windows and all the doors are shut. And if anyone was messing around up there, they would have heard their noise. They even try the light in the bathroom to see if that was the light they saw but it's too bright. This is bananas, yo!

Time to pack up and get to analyzing the evidence. K.J. had a great time and I had a great time listening to him. Everyone settles in to go through all the stuff. Steve starts off with Jason and Grant in the jail, on the first floor. You hear the knocking and shuffling pretty clearly. Next are some knocking sounds that Steve and Dave heard. And Amy and K.J., in the jail, get some weird little voice.
Back to the weird looking guy and evidence. Jason and Grant explain all their experiences in the jail and even show him the recordings. Jason brings up the ghost behind the camera guy, but it doesn't get much response from the weird looking guy. Then, the awesome footage of the door opening and shutting. The guy thinks it might have been the AC kicking on, which will sometimes make the doors open and close. Is that what happened? Who knows! There's a moan that Amy and K.J. get in response to a question and the weird little voice.

What's nice is that, even though they don't want to label the place haunted, a lot of the claims were verified by their findings. And that's always great because I feel bad when they interview people who are clearly distressed because they think they are nuts. A fun episode! Looking forward to next week's!

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